General Safety Guidelines

  1. You must have permission to use the OCW or KBW. You may not use any tool that you are not qualified to use.
  2. Stay Alert and Aware of your surroundings. Most accidents can be prevented simply by avoiding dangerous situations.
  3. You may not borrow or lend out any tools. Tools may not be taken from OCW or KBW.
  4. You must clean your area and stow tools after each use of the OCW and KBW. Do not leave unfinished projects on benches, carts, or tool surfaces. Projects must be stored in appropriate locations.
  5. You must respect the guidelines and rules of OCW and KBW and other users of OCW and KBW.
  6. You may not use any tool or material inside John Mikkelson’s area (green tape) without permission from John.
  7. Safety equipment, such as eye protection and hearing protection must be worn when machines are in use.
  8. Report any damaged, broken, or unusable tools to supervisors. Never use damaged or broken machines. Never use a machine that is producing an unusual sound.
  9. You must report an accident immediately (see accident reporting).
  10. You must use installed guard systems unless removal has been approved by Kent Davis or John Mikkelson. Be sure guards are properly adjusted. Never remove guards; the removal of guards unnecessarily will result in loss of permission to use OCW or KBW.
  11. Plan out what you are doing before you do it.
  12. When in doubt, ask for assistance.
  13. Closed toed shoes must be worn. No loose jewelry, hair, or clothing is allowed when operating power tools. machines must be used for their intended purpose. Never overload machines by forcing the operation
  14. Never leave running tools unattended. Always turn power off when finished.
  15. Always keep hands and fingers a safe distance (at least 2”) from any moving blade. Never wear gloves when operating a power tool.
  16. The operators’ position should be keep clear of dust or scraps to prevent tripping or slipping.
  17. If you are unsure of any special setups, have approved personal approve the operation.
  18. Never distract anyone using a machine. Wait until they have completed the operation before approaching or initiating any conversation.
  19. Always use the dust collection system to reduce airborne dust in the shop.
  20. Always refer to tool manuals before performing any maintenance operations.

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