Woodshop Safety Manual

The College of Forestry currently has two dedicated woodshops: the Oak Creek Woodshop (OCW) and the Kiln Bay Woodshop (KBW). No person may use OCW or KBW before completing the required safety training for each specific tool. Because gaining access is a lengthy process, short, one-offs are discouraged and better performed under a fee-for-service arrangement by qualified personnel. Personal projects (work not related to classes or research) are discouraged and must be approved by lab managers. Access can be revoked based on any gross safety violation; blatant misuse of the tools or facility; acts of complete disrespect to tools, other users, or user responsibilities; or other violations of these guidelines.

Access is granted after users have completed a four part training program.

  1. A user must read and understand all parts of the ‘tool safety’ section of this manual and pass the quizzes associated with each tool. Each section and it's associated quizzes can be accessed in the menu to the right.  You will need to login with your ONID credentials in order to access the quizzes.
  2. A user must complete a qualifying hand-on training session with qualified personal.
  3. Supervisors must verify that their employees have completed and recorded the required safety training.

Qualifying exams are filed and stored in the WSE department office and can be accessed through office specialists as well as recorded to a user’s OSU ID number. A list of qualified individuals will be kept in each shop and updated frequently. Persons not on the list will not be allowed under any situation to use any part of OCW or KBW.

Download the complete OSU Woodshop Safety Manual, or visit each section with the links to the right.

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